Faster Internet app - what is it? How to use

here's the interesting app which is called one one one one faster internet it is built by cloudflare so yeah I'm just curious to explore it and show it to you guys um so easily turn one one one one with warp on or off anytime just a few tabs the free app that makes your internet more private no one should be able to Snoop on what you do on the internet we have created this app so that you can connect to the internet securely anytime anywhere greater privacy better security easy to use yeah interesting so let's just open it up uh so when the internet was built computers weren't mobile so there is a long gun this assumption my third years ago are now making your internet experience so insecure this app is warp replaces the connection between your phone internet is a modern optimized protocol so then you you can install a VPN profile that allows to secure internet traffic and then you can just add your VPN configuration and then you can just enable like this and then secure your connection and now your internet is private so yeah and then in the top part you will see VPN configuration yep so that's basically um so that's that by tapping subscribe uh you will upgrade to warp plus 4.99 will be changed charge to your iTunes account for one month subscription over plus Unlimited um so yeah you can send some feedback you can refer a friend and get one gigabyte so what plus sends your request over carefully chosen routes designed to avoid internet traffic jams so yeah cloudflare is one of the leaders in in the market in creating content delivery networks like protecting your website from like some kinds of DDOS attacks like making sure that your website is alive and many other things so yeah that's basically it and then you can just disable uh and then you can just go here and then just search for VPN configurations VPN device management and then you can see all this VPN configurations and then you can also delete them so yeah

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