hello everyone so here's one second everyday app so let's just start first project um it instantly asks you to upgrade to one set pro it's like 49.99 per year but let's just continue with our subscription then i can just continue and create my account with apple 80. you can use your email or google and then that's your then you just can sign up your birthday you can just create your account and then you can set up reminders to do that every day you can connect your library yeah okay so let's just do that if they want uh so ask that okay let's let's give access to this app uh you can uh free backup just for one c account and here is the app uh then you can just welcome 21c and then you can allow access to your camera and microphone you can allow to use location and and then you can just do something like that hello 1c app and then there you can select your my snippet yeah i want to select it but i also want to rotate it like that i can trim it probably it should only be like one second and then there it is i just do it and this is my first journal so one my second i can rename project i can delete it and then um yeah so you can also enable different project creation modes you can see your account then you can just yeah so that's interesting [Music] super interesting app just to record these videos every day and then you can have like imagine in the end of the year you will have like 365 one second videos uh which can be super fun um and super unique and then you i think you can do this one project for free so you don't need to pay if you want to have multiple projects for multiple ideas then probably you will need to pay for that but yeah that's basically the idea of the app um hope that is helpful definitely give a try to this app

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