1 Tap Roulette - app overview

hello so here is one tap roulette app make decisions for his friends so let's just install it and see how it works uh seems it's quite in the top charts um so let's just explore why is that so you just need to select some of the you know some of the points here and then it's just easy app to use when you like need to make some decisions with friends and yeah so okay one tap roulette how many players to enter player so and then uh and then you just tap this and there you have it now uh selected player is that so there you have it that's the whole point of the app you can also choose roulette option um and then uh you just need to tap this out from the two points and then you can see you know that the the left circle is selected so then you can just do it with like this five six friends and then yes uh this person is selected so yeah instead of playing like the real physical game you can just do it with your phone so it's pretty fun so like you know if you have questions like you're sitting with friends and a party who should go after for a beer or who should go shopping or you know who should do something or what whose duty is today any like occasion like that you can just use this app and it can select up from i don't know like how many names okay uh maximum from four players uh but also roulette maybe you can use like a lot so case also here is maximum four players only support four players at this moment so uh there you have it so only four players that's a bdpd but anyways still quite fun so something like that so super simple app but it's quite popular because it just does the job so there you have it so it's available on iphone i'm not sure if it's so you can see three 3k ratings um good people we have a loser great for this use so some people complain that they need a bit better success message uh fix it some people disappointed allow it another so yeah overall the average rating is quite good and it's in top chart so i think it's one of the top apps in this category

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