21 buttons fashion network app overview & how to use

here is 21 buttons app interesting app you can try out basically it's like instagram but the main focus of the app is still on buying closing so if you're interested in some outfit you can just buy it from here and just see the details or specific outfit you can visit website you can add to wishlist and all of that so that's the idea of course you will ask i can do it on instagram but here this app is exactly focused on this one feature if you see some nice closing from your influencers you can just literally buy it and that's basically the idea so just by it goes through different closing overviews uh and this app is quite popular in europe uh so maybe it's not that popular in us or something maybe you never heard about it but in europeans it's for example in uk it's uh in the top charts sometimes uh among social media apps uh yeah so then you can just uh search looks by brand this category price you can you can enable deeper and then publish your photos and then the items will be tagged or you can just tag them and yep so then you have your account settings and that's the app so definitely give it a try

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