21 Buttons Fashion Network - how to create an account?

here's interesting app called 21 buttons fashion network and this is a kind of like a social media app where you can discover uh influencer style closing so you can discard fashion trends from your favorite influencers so you can see some you know like very trendy outfits uh and some really cool clothing and then just actually buy it instantly now you want to be on the top of the latest trends in fashion are you constantly searching to find classes worn by the most fashionable influencers look no further you can download 21 buttons leading fashion shopping closing social network uh so you would say of yeah i just can just do it on instagram of course you can but this is like uh an app specifically focused on that one feature like if you have you know an intended motivation to shop for a really cool closing and nothing else you can try out this app so here you can just create your account then you just select your birthday and then then your feet should be loaded can allow notifications and then uh you can just see instantly [Music] things here to wear just tap on that and you are instantly redirected to to store so here is like you want to see these details you can see the pricing you can visit the website and just buy it so that's basically how it is so kind of like instagram yep but here is just really focus on on that so that's the idea of the app hope this is helpful

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