90s AI Yearbook “Waiting…” How long does it take?

When it comes to accessing the yearbook feature in the Epic app, users might encounter a screen displaying a simple message: "waiting". This can be accompanied by a queue number, indicating the number of people ahead in line. Although it may seem frustrating, rest assured that this waiting period is entirely normal.

Even while the process is underway, users can still navigate through the app and access their profiles. Within the app, there should be an indication that the yearbook generation is in progress. A message will reveal the estimated time remaining, such as "to be revealed in 23 minutes".

It is important to note that after completing the payment and uploading the necessary photos, users should refrain from closing the app immediately. It is recommended to keep the app open until the process is finished. Once the required steps have been completed, users can safely close the app and patiently await the final result.

Unfortunately, it appears that the app is currently experiencing a high volume of traffic, leading to delays and potential overloads. This slowdown is temporary and is likely due to the popularity of the yearbook feature. Therefore, in such instances, users may experience a longer waiting period than expected.

In conclusion, if you find yourself facing the "waiting" screen when trying to access the yearbook feature in the Epic app, remember to be patient. Allow the app ample time to generate the yearbook, keep the app open until the process is complete, and be aware that delays may occur due to high user demand. Ultimately, the wait will be worth it, as you'll soon be able to enjoy your personalized yearbook.

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