ABPV app - what is it? Can you make money with ABPV?

Here is a BPV app - America's Best Peaks and Weeds. This app is kind of like TikTok for memes. It's mostly popular in the US, as indicated by its 100,000 ratings. Many creators are looking at this app as a potential source of income, given its growing popularity and features on TikTok. The concept of the app is simple - users can post memes, which are categorized into videos, photos, and more. Users can easily swipe through and view the most shared videos and featured content.

Within the app, you can also find sections like top users, where you can see weekly rankings based on metrics like smiles (similar to likes) and followers. It's interesting to note that there are different niche meme creators within the app, focusing on specific topics such as cars and dogs.

However, when it comes to monetization, it seems that there are limited options available, unlike platforms such as TikTok. There doesn't appear to be a way to send virtual gifts or donations to creators, nor does the app offer any native monetization features like ads or revenue sharing. Despite this, the app is useful for meme creators to build a following and gain recognition. Profiles with tens of thousands of followers and high engagement already exist within the app's niche meme community.

If there is no built-in monetization, creators have the option to explore other avenues for earning money. For instance, with a significant following, meme creators can reach out to brands for potential sponsorships or partnerships. They can leverage the app's popularity and their own follower count to negotiate paid advertisements. By tracking likes and engagement, creators can calculate their cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and set their own pricing for paid promotional content.

Although it's a good time to start creating content on this app due to its growing popularity, it's not entirely clear how users can purchase or support creators. The app features a "My Purchases" section, but details on how users can directly support creators remain unclear. Perhaps as the app's popularity continues to rise and revenue starts to grow, the developers will introduce better monetization options.

Overall, while this app is still developing and lacks some monetization functionalities, it offers a unique opportunity for meme creators to establish a presence in a niche meme community. It's possible that as the app matures, more features and options for monetization will be introduced. If you have any insights or better understanding of how this app works, it would be greatly appreciated.

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