Accepting friend requests in BeReal - guide

accepting friend requests in burial app can be a bit tricky because this feature is a bit hidden so just tap in your friends tab in the top left so you see this friends icon in top left and then you see here suggestions uh you don't go here then you see here friends it's not here and then you see final requests so here where you will see pending requests and this is where you will see friend requests from other people so if someone searched for your username and added you on burial this is where you accept them so in this tab so as you can see it's a bit hidden so you again you need to go in your profile in top left and then swipe in the bottom to request tab and then you will see friend requests here so that's basically how it works and then also here you will see your scent requests to the people you send to be friends and then you can withdraw them as well so yep that's the idea and here you will see a friend request and just tap accept or you can tap cross icon to not accept that so that's basically how it works yeah burial app sometimes can hide some features and you will be surprised how many like hidden features there are in this app and i just keep discovering them every day hope you enjoyed it

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