Adding friends in Purp app

Adding friends in the Purp app is a seamless and straightforward process. Similar to Tinder, this app is designed to help you make new friends. To initiate the friendship request, all you need to do is swipe to the right. If you decide not to send a request, a swipe to the left will do.

Once you send a friend request, the recipient will be notified of your request. In the "Friends" tab, you can view all pending friend requests. To accept a request, simply tap on the person's profile and select the accept option. Once accepted, that person will appear in your friends list.

To communicate with your new friend, you can access the chat feature in the bottom right corner. Chats are neatly organized into a separate tab for easy access.

If you find yourself wanting to chat with specific individuals, the app may offer filters in the future. While the exact location of these filters is still unknown, they will likely be accessible within the app.

With the Purp app, adding friends is no longer a tedious task. Give it a try and explore the exciting possibilities of making new connections.

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