Adding MD Vinyl widget on iPhone home screen - quick guide

quick guide about adding mdv nail widget to your phone so just search here and then you can just search for it uh you need to install this app it's a free app and then you see this quick guide around adding widget to your home screen from the home screen touch and hold the widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle tap the add button in the upper left corners like md we know so just tap and hold tab plus search for md vinyl sometimes for this for some people they can't discover and find this widget um so basically um yeah just restart your md vinyl widget app or restart your phone then you have four types four size of widgets you have small you have horizontal one here in horizontal you can add plain controls like you can skip to nexon or you can bookmark likes on so that's handy there is big widget and then there is controls widget so just depending what you want so for example i like this one so i can just add it here then i can just edit widget and then uh yeah i can show controls i can show love button and yeah that's about it so something like that i can also hide controls i can tap on it and i will be redirected to the app to remove the widget tap and hold and then you can just tap to remove the widget

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