Adding noteit widget on iPhone home screen - quick guide

here is a quick guide to install noted widget so basically you can just go to note it tap in top right on settings and then there is an instruction how to add note it as a it so hold down any app to edit your home screen tap the plus button top left corner search for noted and add the widget and then you can just tap if the widget is already on your home screen so anyhow let's just do it together tap and hold the app they start jiggling tab plus in the top right tap note it here and then you can just add a widget and that's it so now you will just receive some photo from your partner this is like a demo account so i'll just receive photos from myself but anyhow this is how it works sometimes when people are adding a widget and searching for noted so you can't find any widget it's not displayed yet so make sure to create an account and link your partner uh if it doesn't work just restart your phone sometime it helps you can also restart noted widget app just by double tapping and swipe up this way you will restart the app other than that that's how it works

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