Adidas Confirmed “This drop requires the latest version of the app”…

In a recent video transcript, it was confirmed that Adidas has implemented a feature in their app that requires users to have the latest version installed in order to participate in certain drops. The video transcript states, "this drop requires the latest version of the app for some items."

To ensure a seamless experience, users are instructed to tap the update button within the app to initiate the update process. This simple action will allow them to access all the features and participate in the drops. For those who have disabled the auto-update functionality in their iOS settings, manually updating the app is necessary.

Once the app is up to date, users will have the opportunity to explore the latest drops, including exclusive releases from Yeezy and other notable brands. The improved version of the app will enable them to enter the draw and potentially secure the items they desire.

With the ever-evolving nature of technology and software, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest versions of apps. By implementing requirements for the latest app version, Adidas aims to enhance user experience and ensure that everyone has access to the latest drops and features.

In conclusion, Adidas has confirmed that certain drops on their app now demand the latest version for participation. Users can easily update the app by tapping the update button, regardless of their auto-update settings. By adhering to this requirement, users will gain access to exclusive drops, allowing them to enter draws and potentially secure sought-after items. Stay updated and don't miss out on the latest releases from Adidas and other exciting brands.

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