hey there so i applied for ads drive monetization and i just received this letter so maybe you also applied and i think a lot of publishers received that so i'll just share what it says here thank you for applying with that strive unfortunately i have some bad news our ad partners didn't approve to move forward with the site which means we won't be able to serve ads and therefore won't be able to begin a partnership we wish we could give more details on why the site was declined but they are purposely ambiguous about their decision making in order to keep their processes unknown if you are able to track down any specific details that would be helpful for you will definitely let you know if you're all the best so there you have it this is the response so at strive is one of the premium ad networks out there which is like if you have a website which has more than hundred thousand page views per month you can get your site monetized this is the ads uh in ads drive so that's basically [Music] this is the website and a lot of publishers uh want to go there so for example you can see here uh this is the like uh ad network which has quite high cpm uh higher rpms guaranteed and then you can have a 20 uh uh percent higher rpm within two weeks or we'll pay you the difference plus five thousand dollars uh current high rpms guarantee so if you switch here make this fish from another ad managed company you will hit 20 higher um plus 5000 dollars so something like that earn more on every page advanced ad code customer and access to premium ad campaigns result in 75 rpm growth using ad drive so there you have a lot of people consider is like the most premium ad network if you want to monetize your website of course there are other options like monumetric there is izoic and there is media wine mediavine requires now 50 000 monthly sessions not page views to apply for it um and a lot of like uh successful publishers like um i don't know full stack uh fat stack blog publisher i'm following him everywhere so he is monetizing with adsdrive so yeah there you have it so this is kind of a premium network but they have like very strict requirements um [Music] and it's i think it's quite complicated to join that so you need to have minimum hundred thousand monthly page views consistently probably my site my site just hit like hundred thousand page views you can visit it mr hector iowa so then you also need to have majority of traffic from us canada uk australia or new zealand so like english-speaking traffic um so if you have a mind your website but like majority of traffic coming from india probably that's not uh yeah that's not eligible then you you need to have unique original content that engage the audience and it's a great fit for advertisers so you also need to have that so usually the websites here are like very like top quality publications which have really a lot of unique content uh like very high quality content so you you can't just duplicate your content still from other websites or and just have some you know like uh automatically generated the content all of that so that's the requirement and probably to reach that level you either need to have a lot of experience or you need to put some a lot of effort and resources probably hire some like more professional content manager content creators publishers uh for to grow to grow the website so there you have it uh so it's not there site reviews typically take a week because our analysis is determined by people not computers when your site is approved you'll get start with a thrive setup assistant um so i just submitted here just like a week ago and then i just submitted with my email and then i just got a notification that yeah your site is rejected i don't know um like what are the um yeah uh what is the reason but they don't explain the reason actually so as you can see here in the emails that just don't explain that i think that's the process how it works you you submit your application you share your google analytics dashboard um you need to give read access to that and then it just has like uh you need to have hundred thousand page views not sessions during last 30 days and then um yeah then your application is submitted but then probably they they just give it to ad partners and ad partners people who provide ads i guess they just take a look and analyze the website the quality of the traffic the quality of content and basically their conclusion needs to be that they are a that they're okay to move forward with the site and they are okay to serve the ads on this website so obviously people don't want to serve ads on some low quality content and all of that um so yeah there you have it and this is just like a [Music] example of application which wasn't successful just in case maybe it will help you out maybe your application is successful or maybe you are also trying to join xdrive i'm trying to join that um so yes this is just some of the experience i have here if you also have similar experience um just leave some comments below this video maybe it will be helpful for other publishers other creators and influencers so yeah let's just discuss it uh anyways this is just my experience hope it can be helpful for someone

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