Aeries Mobile Portal app how to use?

okay so here is iris mobile portal so you need to tap get and then to install it on your ios device and it's one of these apps where you can just track your school schedule dashboard announcement grades and all of that was for parents and students so just what you can see here great book summary and gradebook details attendance student contact information qr code supplemental attendance in app access so of course you can only use this app if your school district is using every student information system so just tap open and then you can just type get started you can search school by name here um and it will just see all the schools you want you can select the school from here and then you can log in you can link district or you can also try to create an account uh if you want to create an account it's either for student or parent or guardian so let's see from here then you need to enter some password and then you will see that there is some notification and then you can just log in yep and then you need to link a student so then you need like student permanent id number student home telephone number and verification code and then after that these are all the required fields you will be able to use the app so yep that that's how it works hope this quick overview was helpful so i can't just proceed further because obviously i don't have all these details but probably they should be provided by your school                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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