Aesthetic: app icons & widgets - app overview

here's interesting app called iostatic app icons and widget so let's just download it as you can see it has 27 000 ratings on IOS app store it's number 22 in Graphics and Design uh uh so yeah it's a new way to look at static we had limited accession to our home screen for a long time um TL is 14 arrives it's time to decide which look you want to have these app icons you cannot customize your app icons with the color theme Styles created based on Trend aesthetic and fantastic icon designs so yeah you can use 349 weekly 24.99 yearly 34.99 one-time purchase and you can just use all of that so then yeah you can just open the app and then you can see how your free trial works this is just like some uh uh yeah uh so then you just have all these widgets there's really nice looking collection of widgets calendars different uh quotes guides and yeah all of that available here then you just have icons app icons itself then you have wallpapers some really cool uh wallpapers which you can check out uh then you have premium enhance your device experience customize your home screen to make it more attractive and then you just have all these settings so yeah basically the idea is that yeah you can change wallpaper app icons and widgets in this one app uh usually yeah I like when there is you know the theme because it's it's quite hard it's quite hard to customize all of it together and really apply all these styles from video step icons and wallpapers together but yeah there you have it wallpapers really cool here so you have live wallpapers you have just images from unsplash as well and yeah so there is a really helpful guide to change the app icon and you will need to use shortcuts app which is pre-installed on your device so you need to have IOS 14 on your phone meaning if you have some old iPhone 6 not sure if you can still use it I think maybe you can still upgrade to our iOS 14 to to use it and then you just follow this guide here it's it's quite complicated to be honest with the first time if you haven't used it before but then it kind of becomes easier for you and then uh yeah that's basically the idea how done you you can start use it uh so yeah that's basically that and then you can just try premium there are all these different wallpapers there are all these settings there's widget guide app icon guide uh and then yeah you can just try it out here so that's the idea hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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