AI Chat - Ask Anything - app overview

here's interesting app AI chat ask anything so let's just install it this is one of the apps for chat GPT and like for some reason open AI GPT still don't have uh mobile apps they are available in the browser but sometimes if you just want to use on a mobile some people just prefer apps much much more uh even like you know if the model uh here like GPT model can be um last developed and it's not the best experience so yeah but it just feels better on your fingertips on your mobile device so let's just explore it here is the app you can it can charge you 19.99 per month so it's like the price of a professional chat GPT original GPT app but here you can just chat with it like that uh and then you can just chat like this uh and that's basically the process uh and then yeah so let's try something like that and I'm not upgrading uh as you can see so I'm just using its free version uh so yeah something like that and then if you want to upgrade you can then just upgrade here then you can just unlock and again it will be twenty dollars per month uh so yeah that's basically the idea hope it's helpful

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