So, there's a new app making waves in the tech world that allows you to create AI yearbook photos with a viral twist. The app in question is called Epic and it's available for both iOS and Android devices. Developed by Snow Corporation, Epic offers a unique filter that generates 90s-style yearbook photos using your own selfies.

Using Epic is relatively simple. Once you open the app, you'll be prompted with a pop-up asking if you want to purchase the filter. After selecting this option, you can tap on the bottom left corner to generate your AI yearbook photos. From there, you'll be given the choice to create new images, provided you upload a set of selfies that meet certain criteria outlined in the description.

When uploading your selfies, remember to follow the guidelines carefully. It's essential to have different facial expressions, good lighting, and avoid group photos and pictures with pets. Additionally, you'll need to choose your gender before proceeding. The app offers two different options: a standard package for $4 and an express package for $6, which promises faster processing times.

It's worth noting that during peak usage times, the app may show the standard options as sold out. This can occur if the servers become overloaded. To avoid this, it's best to try using the app when usage is lower and the express option is available at the regular price.

Once your selfies are uploaded and processed, you can view the generated yearbook photos. While not all the photos may meet your expectations in terms of quality, they do give off an interesting vibe. You have the option to save the photos and even edit them using templates provided by the app. Sharing your creations with friends is also possible.

In addition to the photo feature, Epic also allows you to generate a video yearbook. By selecting the option in the top left corner, you can create a compilation of your AI yearbook photos. Saving all your creations can be done by tapping on the top right corner.

Although the AI models used in Epic have seen improvements in their average quality, it's important to manage expectations. If you order a large number of images, don't expect to use all of them. Typically, you'll find that around 10 out of 60 photos can be considered usable. While this is an improvement from previous versions of the app, it's still wise to upload high-quality selfies for the best results.

In conclusion, Epic is a fun and creative app that allows you to create AI yearbook photos with a nostalgic twist. With its unique filter and easy-to-use interface, it's a popular choice for those looking to add some flair to their photos. Whether you're creating singles or a video compilation, Epic offers an array of options for preserving your memories.

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