AI YEARBOOK is being delayed as we are experiencing a rapid increase of users using the service…

AI YEARBOOK is being delayed as we are experiencing a rapid increase of users using the service…

Recently, users of the Epic app have been facing a common issue when trying to create yearbook photos. The app displays a message stating that the AI Yearbook feature is being delayed due to a surge in usage. This problem seems to be more prevalent during weekends when the app goes viral.

Epic app developers have acknowledged the inconvenience caused by this delay and have offered a solution. Users can simply tap the "Create New Images" button multiple times with the hope that the issue will resolve itself. This workaround has been successful for many in the past. However, it appears that this method is currently ineffective in resolving the delay.

If you find yourself stuck with the AI Yearbook delay, there is an alternative solution suggested by the developers. Restart the app and attempt to log in again. This action may help reset the system and eliminate the delay.

In the accompanying video transcript, a user walks through the process of resolving the delay issue. They recommend restarting the app after encountering the delay message. After restarting, the AI Yearbook feature should function properly.

Although this delay is frustrating for users, it is important to recognize that it is a direct result of the app's growing popularity. The increased usage is placing a strain on the system, causing these occasional delays. However, the developers are actively working on improving the app's infrastructure to handle the influx of users more efficiently.

In conclusion, the AI Yearbook delay in the Epic app has been causing inconvenience to users. The developers have suggested multiple solutions, including tapping the "Create New Images" button multiple times or restarting the app. These methods have been successful in resolving the issue for many users. Additionally, the developers are continuously working to enhance the app's capacity and minimize these delays in the future.

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