AIR MATH HOMEWORK HELPER app - full overview

so here is a trending app called air mass homework helper get the fastest math solution for your problem algebra geometry trigonometry calculus precalculus uh simple and easy just snap and tap a problem homework help from premium tutors math science stress no more unlimited q a earn your daily tickets so you can try this app um so there is a bunch of other apps i think one of the most popular is cause mass but there is this new kid on the block how to say it so let's just explore this app maybe it's really better so for example if i just created an account with using google or apple super easy and then i will just try to snap this problem this is how it works then it just asks you to select the subject here you have algebra calculus precalculus geometry trigonometry statistics physics chemistry so i'll just select algebra and then here are your results and then you can select some answers so it compares my photos to existing photos and then there is just an explanation attached to it uh so was this solution helpful and then you can just write very helpful or not helpful if you're if there is no solution or if you don't understand at all what was the the issue here you can always ask expert tutors um we'll let you know once the tutor starts solving it so then you can just tap request and then request is uh sent and then i see a reminding tickets 29 um so then tutor will try to write something to you or something like that and then you have all your history in the bottom right answers answering so you can see them here you can see bookmarks um you can see your account jira icons you can see yeah you can see all of that in the bottom you can easily delete your account are you sure you want to delete your account and since tap confirm to delete your account you can add it which grade you're in um also the really cool feature is that you can earn uh free tickets so that's the issue with these apps is that this this is they're really helpful especially with some complicated problems you snap the exact problem and then you can ask a tutor to help you with it but you are running out of these tickets very fast you only get certain tickets when you create an account with this app so what you need to do is just you can just invite uh friends so here is my invitation code i can tap to copy the code and i can just invite friends so here is how it looks like you can copy this code and sign up for this app air mass and then i will get some free tickets so if you can do that and vice versa if you want to get free tickets on this app you can just share this link on twitter on facebook on tick tock yeah and try to sign up and get uh yeah got more friends to use in this app and it can be pretty fun so you can try that um yep also you can contact support so you can always just write some feedback or some bug report and ask for all other issues if you don't understand something how the app works also maybe there is some other way to get free tickets all of that so try that um [Music] what else is here yeah overall the app seems very intuitive and very very simple to use so definitely a nine so you know so definitely nice app to to give it a try and see here we see some updates due to our solution so here's what tutor will help you so [Music] here he will send some another photo from from this for this problem and then uh you can see this part really doesn't really simplify it for me so you you can just write uh something like this and then you can just end chat or report if if it's not helpful then you can add an additional photo camera additional files the teacher can reject follow-up questions that are not relevant to the initial question the chat box will be closed 24 hour after the tutor's request to complete the question so you can ask follow-up questions using the ticket so it is possible to do that just that should be on point that should be relevant not just some irrelevant stuff and then the status is again answering so he should probably working on this um then you can see waiting completed retake requested reported you can also bookmark some of your questions um if you got annotation code so for example if you sign up and you can use my invitation code i just showed earlier and then you can just enter it here and then some your friends can get free tickets so that's another way like you can suggest your friends to download this app um and then enter ask them to enter your code or something like that and just help each other so maybe something like that so that's basically the app um that's how it works um yeah super easy interface maybe it's not that advanced like as a gauss-mars or some other absences category but this is a new app so definitely worth a try maybe there will be some deals because they're already giving you 30 tickets in the beginnings that's quite a lot of times to ask a tutor so definitely use this opportunity if you if you run out of tickets in other apps like that uh then you can just try this app and try to solve mass problems with this app so this is just yeah um this is the possibilities here hope this overview was helpful thank you for watching check out my other videos about gauss mass app i actually downloaded it and then i just started to share my invitation code and now i have around like three thousand dollars worth of this like support tickets i don't know what to do with them i have like several thousand stickers because people just started to use my referral code i posted a youtube video yeah and then it just got some few views uh so that's that yeah it actually got like tens of thousands of views and yeah then people started to use their code and i wrote to them hey like can they just exchange this ticket somewhere or give to someone or something like this because i don't need them i'm no longer in school um can i just maybe can you pay me in cash of course nobody replied to that so that's the issue here hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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