AIR MATH HOMEWORK HELPER - how to create account?

hello everyone so here is the app which is called air mass homework helper let's try to install it and yeah just use your touch id to install and it's super interesting app get the fastest math solution for your problem algebra geometry trigonometry calculus precalculus air mass just snap and tap the problem so some some of the apps like you know cause mass and some others they just became really popular with solving these mass problems um instead of you know just spending hours doing it yourself you can just if you are stuck or obviously if you just can't understand it you can just snap it and try to get a not just like as answer but it's just some explanation and just solutions by step by step to understand it um so yeah that's the idea you can earn your daily tickets uh and all of that but this apps became super advanced because like before that it was just you know like simple equation like three plus two you can write it and then it recognizes it now it's it can solve really complicated mass problems with when you just uh you know this geometry and all of that so let's just create an account here with air mass i will show that it is super easy i just use my apple id or you can sign sign in with google and which grade are you in for the purpose of this demo there you have it and then you just need to give access to camera or photos and then yeah for example let's just instantly test it so i can write something like square root out of nine just like to [Music] you know see how it works no i don't know probably algebra right and then it tries to identify the problem here are your results so that's that matching problem have to solve the problem and then you see the solution so yep then you can see very helpful and that's it um so that's how it works basically it just uses ai to find similar photos maybe similar answers and then these photos have some answers attached to them and then it just brings you our solution um so now you can see i have like remaining tickets which i can use or if it doesn't help if the solution is not helpful or if i can't find the solution i can just request help from the tutor and try that so anyways this is how it works hope it is helpful um [Music] and thank you for watching

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