Airbuds Widget app - can’t create account, bugs - what you can do?

here's Airbus widget app and just going through some reviews that some people just can't create an account and there are some few bugs here and there so some people can't link their Spotify account uh so that's one of the issues so this app is kind of like a widget where you can link your Spotify connect your Spotify account and yeah that that should be good uh yes for some people it says you can join it keeps saying something when trying to duplicate key violates unique constraint or something like that so some weird issue like that um yeah so I do not actually have to solve that overall the reviews of these apps are like too few of them but this it works pretty okay but you can you can reach out and you can contact the support from here contact cappuccino FM uh yeah also in the app if you are able to get in you can always report it back or send a feature request or something like that uh so that's the idea that's the app if you have any other insights about it just leave it in the comments below super interesting to hear your thoughts definitely give a try to this app if you're enjoying Spotify and of course in Spotify itself there is an option to show your friends activity or to uh yeah to show what your friends are listening and you can show to your friends what you are listening to so you can do all of that but yeah that's basically the idea hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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