Airbuds Widget app - full overview & how to use

here's interest in the app which is called airbots widgets it's in top charts in the music category on us App Store I just wanted to figure out why and let's just share this tutorial with you so this app is basically a home screen widget and and the whole the whole idea is that you can see what your friends are listening to find your music through your friends react to start a conversation uh yeah so it's pretty interesting idea um you and your friends can see what each other are listening to right on your home screens you can react to songs play music on the app and start a conversation it makes you feel closer to your friends through the music they are listening to at any moment just sign up with Spotify at the video to your home screen see what your friends are listening to react to songs by music on the app and start the conversation so yeah that's basically that um so yeah you just open the app you you need to connect your Spotify account it only works with Spotify account it doesn't work with apple music and stuff like that so only a Spotify account uh no title no no other services at this moment and then you need to add friends so to add friends just tap invite your friends and then you can share your invite link you can share it on Snapchat or anywhere you want and then that's basically how it works where you can share it so you can do that and yeah also of course you need to add the widget itself how to do it tap and hold you will see apps g-clean tab plus and then you can just search for airpods and then just add this listening Activity video to your home screen see what your friends are currently listening to and then just tap add picture you can add multiple videos but why would you do that there is no need to do that um so do that and then yeah you need at least one friend to see that to see the full activity so what's happening if you tap in in the bottom you see your account you tap on your icon on top right and then you will see like recently play activity which is basically synced from your Spotify so you will see all the recent songs played here um so that's basically the idea for some reason it's not loading here so yeah something like that that you can change your profile picture you can change your name you can reach out support you can also delete your account or something like that uh so you can do that and add friends super easy and then you will see all these songs in the app you can tap on the widget and be redirected to the app and then you can react and start the conversation but at this moment I like I don't have a uh other uh yeah uh friends here so that's that when you create an account you can sync your contacts at your contacts but nobody of my contacts is currently using the app so I'm just showing you as it is yeah the app is like super new it's just recently entered the top charts probably not a lot of people are listening music this way or anything like that but super interesting idea in the beginning I was thinking like air buds is something similar with like airpods or something like some earphones service or some widget like that but nope that's basically what it is right now uh that's just the home screen widget so yeah that's the idea um I hope it can be helpful and uh yeah that's the app definitely give it a try uh we can also see there's 12 writings at the moment so it's super new uh uh Innovative busing not working uh it says can't join keeps saying something went wrong and then some people can sign up so there are some bugs here and there but overall for me it worked perfectly just I don't have that many friends yet uh so feel free to add me I shared my link uh yeah if you want to add me do that and thank you for watching

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