Albert Banking app - how to create an account?

here is albert app banking on you so let's just go through the mobile app it has hundred thousand plus ratings four point seven out of five average rating so i think one of the top banking apps bank save invest more money in your pocket now cash advances instantly get cash back at the places you lost some nice dashboards and alerts investing some support um yeah so interesting app we are banking on you at albert we want you to win so we built a better banking saving investing and budgeting solution with a genius team of money experts to call you and an albert debit card that gives you cash back set up direct deposit and your paycheck becomes available up to two days earlier and save manage and invest it in the app uh everyone needs a genius in their life get up to 250 dollars save smarter guided in western security disclosures so yeah you can see hundred thousand ratings [Music] the app itself is genius is great and a great tool to use other than that there is no phone number to reach them they have a genius number and it's very back you can't text real person with millions of members here's the response from death is millions of members we have found the most effective way to offer supports through text and email um so yeah there you have it but anyways let's just open the app it still has very high reviews and is in the top charts of the us app store in the finance category so yeah you can just type get started gs bank account get paid faster on a hidden fee seven invest automatically instant cash you can see all of that open your account set things up discard genius so you just need to enter your first and last name and just enter email address some password okay so now it says albert is only available in us anyways i will probably just do another overview of the app later but there you have it you should know that it's only well with a new asset this moment so that's that

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