Alignable app - how to create an account?

hi there here's interesting app called alignable so small business social media small business networking super interesting app which you can discard so create a business profile and start networking track activity and make new connections get answers and share your business expertise build your network local Regional and National generating giving you business referrals uh so yeah uh is the only networking app built specifically for small businesses our members connect with over 3.5 million other businesses and 30 000 communities across the US and Canada um so yeah features include you can Network local originally and across North America with 3.5 million other small business owners and rights referrals bring your existing business connections and all of that so it's kind of like LinkedIn but specifically for small business owners and it can be super uh super valuable uh because you need a lot of expertise but basically yeah to create an account this app is only for signing in I guess you need to create your account only on a on a mobile app so if you just go to a linkable website uh so yeah here you should just go to their website and then uh you need to sign up on the uh on the website so just tap sign up and then you need to confirm your business email so for example if I try some random email uh yeah okay so you still need also to be located in United States or Canada but anyhow you got the idea so you need to have business email like hello at probably and then you need to be from USA Canada and then you can create a free account

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