Alignable app - how to verify account?

so how to verify your business when you're creating it in a leanable app um so yeah when you you need to enter address of your business and you need to enter a work email and then yeah you just need to verify and enter some short explanation 10 500 characters just to let us support team how they can verify your business maybe they can call you or enter some like business phone number or enter maybe they can send your email or anything like that or yeah so like some idea like that it's actually good that a linkable app does it because it's like a social media for small business owners and you don't want to have a lot of like spam or like scam accounts there you just want to have real business owners on that app and unfortunately this app is only available for you as a Canada business owners so if you're in UK or Australia for example it won't work for you uh so yeah that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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