ALLO Mindful Money Tracker app - FULL OVERVIEW & how to use

Introducing ALLO Mindful Money Tracker, a new app that aims to align your money and values through mindful money practices. Unlike other money apps, ALLO takes a refreshing approach that doesn't restrict you to a rigid system. Instead, it supports you with a sustainable budget, nurturing lasting mindsets and habits when it comes to managing your earnings, spending, savings, investing, and giving. ALLO starts by understanding what truly matters to you and how you want to utilize your money.

This recently released app has been featured on TechCrunch, garnering attention for its innovative concept. To get started, simply install the app and set up your account. There are a series of screens guiding you through the process, enabling you to sign in seamlessly.

Once you're in, let's explore what ALLO offers. The app provides a 14-day free trial, allowing you to experience its features firsthand. ALLO can be likened to headspace, but for finance, as it encourages a mindful approach to your finances and views money as an expression of your deepest sense of self.

ALLO begins your journey by asking you to reflect on what a satisfying and meaningful life looks like for you. It breaks down the exercise into seven areas where your finances commonly intersect with your sense of overall well-being: health, relationships, physical space, play, future, purpose, and time. By delving into each area, ALLO helps you understand how your financial decisions impact these aspects of your life.

The app further assists you in assessing your physical and mental health by allowing you to select the spaces where you live, work, and rest. Creating a great physical environment contributes to your overall flourishing. ALLO prompts you to rate your current well-being in each category, giving you a clear picture of where you currently stand.

After completing the initial exercise, ALLO concludes your first session and reminds you to continue your mindful money practice in a day. To ensure you don't miss any updates, you can opt to enable notifications.

Subsequent sessions delve deeper into your values and provide a timeline of your progress. The app guides you through bringing your income and finances in line with your values. It blends elements of headspace with financial management, helping you cultivate a mindful approach to handling your money.

ALLO also offers additional resources such as recommended books and podcasts, enriching your understanding of mindful money management. The app's overall concept is undoubtedly intriguing, making it worth trying out during the 14-day free trial period.

In conclusion, ALLO Mindful Money Tracker presents a unique way to align your financial decisions with your values. By incorporating mindfulness into your everyday financial practices, you'll gain a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose. If you're intrigued by this innovative concept, why not give ALLO a try and explore the possibilities it offers?

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