Allstate Mobile app how to install & quick preview

here's interesting app called Allstate mobile Allstate Insurance Company and yeah this is an interesting app it gives you access to safe driving tools Insurance ID cards 24 7 roadside assistance and so much more have you Insurance where you need it when you need it and then it just has all these features foreign so yeah it's interesting app when you're when you're driving the car and it's uh yeah super handy uh for you like as a driver so definitely check it out so here you can just accept the conditions you can add on notifications and that there you have it so uh this is the app you can create an account [Music] so do you have a policy so you can just create account with my policy like go here and then just create your account uh so okay there is some bug then there is like big photo claim uh so yeah you can uh climb uh like that uh file an agent uh so there are some bugs I think this app properly Works only in the United States but I'm just trying to show you an idea what you can expect from it so here you can just see all of the uh like agents some legal help you can access some legal help instantly in when you're driving uh Rod side open to everyone whether or not you're an All-State Market workers trusted trust site assistance providers in our Nationwide Network use our paper use option to pay only the right side help you need to dialogue and choose your plan's benefits so you can do that get a quote select the product here you can just select that and then uh so yeah something like that so just like an overview of the features you can you can access in this app maybe it's just not working because like I'm in Europe right now but yeah that's what I have here uh so yeah hope that is helpful

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