AlterMe 3D Avatar Maker & Chat APP OVERVIEW

hello everyone welcome to mr hacker youtube channel let's do a quick overview of ultra mystery the avatar micro and chat app so this is the app like social media app where you can first write your unique avatar based on the face scan and then just interact and chat with people have video calls with other avatars so in case you just want to alter your identity and still you want to express yourself you can still find new friends have chats have video chats but you don't have like all these insecurities and you can speak whatever you want without being afraid that this is your real face or being shy or some other reasons there are a bunch of apps already in this category like reality app zepato and bunch of others let's just go through this app super easy to create an account just with apple id then you will have a avatar which is created uh like some standard avatar if you want to have your it personalized you just need to tap scan face here and then you just need to scan it but it just can't take sometimes this app i would need to say it's a bit slow especially if you're on the older device then you can change closing closing you can change pose you can change your scene and all of that so [Music] yeah something like that um and yeah then just tap done so you can easily customize your avatar your looks so it doesn't look the same okay i'll just restart it all these like avatar apps are quite heavy [Music] so yeah expect that sometimes it can crash actually or something like that so yeah okay then you just created your avatar you can customize it as you want and the final thing is that now you can have like video chats so this app is kind of like oh my god or chat roulette or monkey app where you can just find tap find the chat and then you can just search for avatars who are ready to connect and you just can have a video chat with that avatar no screenshots are allowed in chats in top right uh you can set up filters so you can set up if you want to look for a woman or man or yeah in that category so for example here you can set up what you're looking for which age range then you can have threads um and then you can have chats if you have messages so yeah and sometimes you will just have like a chat request in the top right um so yeah and shreds are basically group chats so 50 free contacts of course if you want to you can purchase coins for 10 100 coins for 0.99 or 1050 coins for 4.99 you can just purchase that and then there are all these threads here so you can just participate or follow in this red you can also long tab to report so you can just write it here in the chat you can youtube profile you can invite to chat for like 15 cents you can report a blog or you can request a video chat uh so yeah here you can also request a group video chat um so yeah that's basically how it works how this app operates then you have your account here you can tap on the gear icon there are your personal details which you can edit you can if you want to conduct support uh you can just always send the message here through their contact form uh there are blocked users here in case you're not secure about your data or some other reason you can just delete your account either because the app crashes too often or it requires too much battery or is just not what you expected or you just have poor experience in chat or you just use other 3d avatar apps and you can always sign out so that's that when i sign out it's super easy to sign back in because i'm signed up using apple id you can watch my other video about the process how to create an account here in this app um so what else to say here if i tap here i i'll just request if i type in top right i'll just request instant video chat and i just always follow strats participate in this red so that's how you engage here um yeah try to if you've noticed some spam or something like that try to keep an or a port user so this conversation is really high quality without spam so yeah that's the idea [Music] yeah so that's the app uh i also have another video about reality uh avatar app so check it out around about zipato also there is another app which is called replica where you can just have avatar girlfriend or boyfriend i guess so you can chat so it's another cool experience so try that um yeah otherwise follow subscribe to my youtube channel i often create videos about these cool apps follow my podcast meet mr haki on spotify i also link it in the link 3 link below uh check out my website and all that um and yeah thanks for watching a lot um really nice to have you here so yeah if you want to you can like this video so more people can discover this alter me app i think it's actually pretty cool and it's in uh recently it's in the top charts in us app store and it's really nice design minimalistic design and super easy to use so definitely try it out or recommend to your friends so yeah thanks again thanks for watching see you in the next videos                           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