Amp app - creating profile & how to use the app?

so here I'm creating amp profile first step is just to sign in with your Amazon account like because amp is Amazon app and then here I just want to create my username can it be edited and then I just enter some uh I can share a link to my social website something around this and then I can also upload profile picture select your interests then just type complete profile you can allow disable notifications but that's basically the idea so just browse Jaws and then you can see all these creators just basically doing their live radio shows maybe something similar to like Clubhouse you know where you have this live audio chats but here you can just create your own title you can create your own show and I don't know if you can invite people or it's like a solo show or how that is working um yeah something interesting you can edit your profile here so that's basically that um if I tap here I can see you then the show is coming out soon but yeah that's about it hope it is helpful

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