Amp app: Host Live Radio Shows - how to create account?

so here's interesting app which is called amp host live radio shows so let's try to get it it's recently entered the top charts um on us app store it's an app by amazon seems like amazon wants to enter the you know podcast creator space a lot and they're releasing these new products relating to it so what this app is doing i don't know actually i'm just discovering it with you so tune in to playlists and shows from top creators athletes and artists never hear the same playlist twice create radio shows to the songs you love run the airwaves your mix your mic and amp is where people come together to create live shared radio shows with the music they allow so just tap to open amp and then you need to sign in with your amazon or you need to create account with amazon so yeah basically i think a lot of people have amazon accounts so i guess just sign in with your amazon credentials here and you will have an account so that's how you create an account in amp

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