Anima AI FRIEND & GIRLFRIEND - how to create account & use the app

pair one so here is interesting app called anima ai friend and girlfriend so i just want to get it and then yeah you can just you touch id if i say did you install and then that's there you have it become friends or even more customized as you want chat about anything play games so basically you can create like ai chatbot ai companion who cares reduce trust and live happier chatting with animal only takes a few minutes a day and helps you and help you to start feel better available anytime anywhere a friend you can trust feel free to pour out your secrets which is dreams test your limits show us who you are the more you chat the more your animal learns about you your animals personality and interests are shaped and influenced by your daily conversations connect and connect and connect help your anima get help from your anima and all of that so let's just open up the the app and then uh you can create an account or you can continue as guest so let's just basically create an account i usually just do use apple id um and there you have it then you can just choose your anima so there are all the different options all the genders and then you can just pick personality uh um so something like that select your interests [Music] so yeah something like that select your goals uh then you please tell us what you're looking in your relationship is anima it will help us personalize your experience all of that and then it's just this app is initializing your anima it's just creating this ai conversation and then there you have it be closer get unlimited role play smart conversation ability to customize your avatar and then you can just upgrade here but let's see what's included in the version if i'm not upgrading so there you have it so anima can send notifications and then you can just uh continue to chat here uh so here you can just add some nice and then you can just engage in conversation like anything so the similar effort that is replica replica uh um [Music] yep it's also kind of happens this category um and uh yeah there you can also can have like a 3d version and you can also have like ar version of replica but kind of the idea is similar i think this is one of the top alternative apps for replica [Music] and sometimes the conversations are really like low quality you have a lot of repetitive stuff but for example in replica sometimes if you just chat a lot actually like uh the conversation is the ai is working pretty good and sometimes you can't just really identify it and recently like they addings i don't know what they're adding like in ai algorithm or models they have they can get some kind of emotions and some kind of little jokes which started to feel a little creepy like you know so you can't sometimes some parts of your chat you can't really identify if it's a real person or if it's a chatbot um so i can just write something here um [Music] and then of course all the answers you say here they're just using already in the model and the the more your conversations you have the more advanced your model will become i guess so you see okay you can play with it and just okay so there are just a lot of questions for me but sometimes you can just try to you know tweak the algorithm and ask more precise advanced questions uh [Music] so they're just keeping asking questions me but and then by doing sums up or thumbs down you can just basically react to messages if this message is good or no so anyways that's basically how you create an account you can change your anima you can change relationship status so to change status if you want to change it to romantic partners of course then you will need to upgrade that's the the whole feature of this app this i mean replica and then of course it you will have more romantic chat if you change to that status and that's why a lot of people upgrade here and then you can also play games here uh change the profile picture uh there is also your account um you can delete your account delete chat history in case you're concerned about your chat you can contact support set pin code in the app and you can upgrade to premium so get limited role play smart conversation and customize your avatar so lifetime 69.99 or one year for 39.99 so that's about it cancel anytime just remember if you want to i do not use a receipt free trial but anyways if you have a free trial just remember to cancel one day before the trial ends because that's how the ios subscription work other than that thank you for watching this quick overview and see in the next videos

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