Anthem app - discover & share music - how to create an account?

everyone so here is the app which is called anthem and some music this current sharing music i just noticed some people talking about it on twitter uh and i then i can just use touch id to install it so yep this is the app basically it's like a spotify but with more social elements and it's like uh social media with spotify marks into one app and a lot of people were talking like this is what spotify should have done but never did it's just you know having like clubs having more focus on profiles on sharing on all of these like social elements uh so where this is that where you can discard your music build your favorite playlists but also experience the creativity of music community uh and this app pairs a modern tic toc style fit with 30 second excerpts of millions to create the ultimate discovery experience there are also clubs um yep so let's just go through the app and for start let's try to create an account uh okay so here is basically you can sign in with spotify um and then yep you just need to sign in with your spotify account here i can just use some of my details and try to login okay so something doesn't work let's try to sign in peace apple id okay so you need to have like your spotify connected to apple id but that's basically it so whenever you just select facebook apple google or spotify but whenever you're choosing you need to have like spotify account connected to to that and then you will be able to create an account

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