Anthem - Discover & Share music - app overview

so here is interesting app which is called anthem discover and share music music fit and playlist builder um it was just released a developer is developed by anthem app [Music] and this is kind of like a social music app some of the features like which people are missing in spotify i noticed this i discard this app from twitter and people were like really yeah like pushing and talking about it yeah this is what spotify should have done like three years ago or something like that so basically the app looks like tick-tock uh the home screen of the app looks like a tick tock feet where you can just scroll all this video also all these interesting song tracks based on your preferences and by some of the clubs you joined so you just scroll like but instead of you know videos in tik tok you just scroll this audio tracks in spotify in anselm that's first part also you have you have communities like organized around different uh music tastes like you can have hip hop community or like you know rnb community and then you can just pause there so imagine like a facebook groups for tracks for music where yeah exactly you can post the tracks you allow and then you can just share your music this is my track this is what i like and then people can upload your track similar like on reddit so it's a combination of facebook group and reddit feature and then you can just easily find some tracks which you missed you can just go to the community or to the specific artist and see like the top like the top tracks and all of that so some interesting experiences um so for example some review here thank you thank you to the builders it is so tough to find your music and this app does it well i used to spend hours browsing music options i can now do it easily every day thank you ansem so let's just open this up instantly uh but yeah that's basically it uh that's your tick tock then you can just tap on explore tab and again you can just scroll there and see all of that and yeah to create an account you need to log in with spotify or of course you can create an account with apple id for facebook or google but all this account should be tied to your existing spotify account that's how this app is working so it's just better organization of spotify library i would guess and then you just have all these tracks sorry and all these clubs and all these tracks like rnb classics you just have like you know some of the posts here so as i said it's like a facebook group so you can see this big hits and then you can see popular and then you can see latest what people are posting um you can see members you can create a post and uh like post your own track here so yep and then you just enter a caption and post something there then you can just browse tracks [Music] i'm just trying to count my cases [Music] https my ansem.epham so something like that you can invite friends if you want to contact support you can just type here and yeah there is some type form yeah where you can just you know block a user a new idea club request just want to chat anything else and that's basically how you can try to conduct support for example you want to delete your account or disconnect your spotify account from ansem at the moment i don't know how to do it so probably here you can do it so at the moment yeah what you see i just like logged in with spotify to ansem app and then it just reflects shows all my spotify data here and um you like my link to my spotify link to my instagram twitter uh and i changed my username uh but yeah it just reflects what i already have on spotify so that's about it and then i just have this like my ansem so these are your favorite tracks in one playlist um and then yep i can just organize them uh i don't know like yeah i can just remove them or something like that so that's basically the idea then in my profile i have history have genres i have stats it's all taken from from spotify account i guess but yeah i i think it would be a nice feature for just for [Music] like to have more more clubs in this app uh and because i think there are right now like five or six clubs on i thought there there will be more and but yeah you can always request a new club and have that uh to help to help the develop uh the the app experience you can also share tracks by using this paper paper flight icon um and that's basically the app so definitely go check it out if you if you like discovering new music if you have that problem so imagine this app as a tick tock for new music where you can instantly just scroll through the feed and just instantly like you know for two three seconds listen to some track and then you're just getting this suggestion and you start listening to it and that's that's basically how this works so instead of you know you are listening to like discover weekly playlist on spotify and you need to click or skip every track here it's more like on your fingertips and it's more like a tick-tock experience but just for music and there are clubs there is more social elements where you can directly communicate with with some interesting people who also like for example rnb music or who also like electronic music and all of that and just find some interesting people around it i'm actually quite surprised that like you know spotify doesn't have a real social element of course you can see what your friends are listening on this app or like you can see friends activity but and you have your username and you have your followers but that's about it like the spotify is missing this facebook group element where you can just you know like hang out and like discuss this track like i like parts of this track i don't like that part i like to yeah to listen to this but i the some this like bus would be better here so like you know this kind of social club organized around specific music and tracks so here probably you can get that so that's why this app is pretty interesting so that's basically it i think this is uh this is such an overview of this app definitely give it a try uh thank you for watching

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