App Store - Couldn’t Sign In - what to do?

um so when i'm trying to sign in in my uh app store account uh using like my apple id or something it just says that could not sign in um do you have the same issue i'm just making this video because i don't know how to solve it either it's an issue with my wi-fi or my device or i don't know what else and seems like that i can't access app store website even on my desktop on my laptop as well at this moment so maybe there is something down maybe but seems like my wi-fi is fast just like not sure what could be the issue there um like any other suggestions uh i i think it's i have the right like credentials and all of that um yeah so what would be your suggestions to try it out i'm just doing this video maybe someone else has this same issue and searching for how to resolve it so if you had this and you sold it let's just use it like you know stack overflowing just leave your suggestion here below this video

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