App Store message - Not compatible with this device - what it means?

so if your open app store app here just a standard default app and then you go to some app link and it says not compatible with this device see full list of compatible devices so it's completely normal so for example this app is only available on ipad and i'm using i'm just recording this video on iphone so that's why it's not compatible also it can be that you need to upgrade to newer ios so some some apps can be only available with ios 13 and later at this moment and you can have ios 10 of course you can have iphone 6 and some of the apps require that you have at least iphone 8 or something like that so that's completely normal there is nothing you can do about it really so that's the way it is so you either need to get a new the device or be able to update in your ios and sometimes what apple does is they block update into newer ios if you have some super old device and then you just like kind of obliged to buy a newer phone and upgrade your phone to get in your ios system so that's the idea uh something like that so just in case you're curious about this message there you have it

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