hey so to check if there is app store outage or if app store is down first you can just go to support system status and as you can see here is app store outage and yep you can see green circle means that it's available uh red means that there is an outage uh so there you have it and then you will see all the details uh ongoing some other factors user might be experiencing intermittent issues with this service uh so yeah for example if you can't sign in uh if you see the message can't connect or like you know this device couldn't be signed in or like your verification didn't work or any other error messages or just the web store isn't loading for me it's just you know the web store keep slot app store keeps loading and app can't be downloaded all of that so just before contacting apple support try to see if there is an outage and just follow this page see if it is resolved i don't know of course if it takes hours and stuff like that or days probably hopefully not then you should reach out to apple support but yeah check out this page just in case

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