Apple iCloud Settings - Services Included with Purchase notification - what does it mean?

so if you have settings app and then sometimes you can just see this notification it's called Services included with purchase so what and then you can see some notifications what does it mean so basically the idea is that for example you bought a Macbook or like a phone like in some store and sometimes they just include this promotion so you can get like three months free of Apple music or Apple TV Plus or something like that because you purchase some new model of MacBook just depending where you bought it and then because you signed in into that device with your like Apple ID then you will just see that notification on your phone or on your other devices that did you purchased a Macbook and then you have this Services promotions included with the purchase so now you can accept them from your phone because you're on the same Apple ID if you are on the same Apple ID and then you can just accept and enjoy for example Apple TV or some of the other services which were included with your purchase on on the on that device so that's basically the idea of what you can do um yeah just if you didn't understand what's happening at first I was like what is that it's this this tab never popped up for me so that's basically the idea

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