Apple ID “Not available for this payment”

So, you're trying to make a payment using your Apple ID and you encounter the message "Not available for this payment." What does this mean? Well, let me explain.

In a video transcript, the user describes their experience with this error message. It seems that when they changed their Apple ID to a different country, their previous payment methods attached to their old Apple ID became inaccessible. For example, if they had a Danish Apple ID and created a new US Apple ID, the Danish cards would not be available for payments in the US App Store. Only the cards associated with the new Apple ID could be used.

It seems that the US App Store has strict policies regarding payment methods. Only specific cards from that country can be used for purchases. Even if a card is fully functional and has sufficient funds, it may not be accepted for transactions in other countries' App Stores.

The user also mentions the Apple Card, but it is unclear what issues they may be experiencing with it.

In summary, if you encounter the message "Not available for this payment" while using your Apple ID, it is likely because the payment method attached to your current Apple ID is not compatible with the country's App Store you are trying to make a purchase from. To resolve this issue, you will need to make sure that your payment methods are associated with the appropriate country.

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