Apple inserts back own apps on iPhone homescreen! My experience

so do you also have this issue so i just basically organized my apps on my home screen and uh yeah like after a while i think after a few months or something uh apple just randomly inserts back its original apps like news app or podcast app so basically and then apple is pushing back my apps which i organized here so it's kind of like super weird i don't know why is that happening like so for example i didn't use news app i never even like put it here so why is for some reason it just appears on my home screen like yeah literally a bit weird i don't think i put like a podcast app as well um so yeah that's basically that do you have also this issue like is apple actually allowed to do that uh because yeah it's uh it's a bit strange uh like basically they claim that they can control your home screen view and yeah so that's what it is

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