Apple Pay Later iOS16 - what is it? Preview

hello there so apple just announced um that uh it will provide a new uh a new feature to split the cost of apple pie purchase into four equal payments spread over six weeks with zero interest and no fees of any kind so that's that great created waves in social media like so you can see here if uh uh there is uh there is an an amount and then it's just split in four payments or you can just buy that and then you can just see like uh by later feature uh and then uh that's that's the overview and that's then also they included order tracking [Music] so yep that's basically that's the overview and like a lot of people are just like figuring why there are no fees or like how it can work so there is some like detail uh a user's card issuing bank might charge a fee if the user tablet card contains insufficient funds so if you uh if there are no fees but if you have insufficient funds the your bank can give you a fee but then people like how wait there are no fees like what's the purpose of it like of course if if then you don't pay for some period some people posted screenshots or just were discussing on twitter i'm not sure if that's correct that then you won't be able to access your apple id so if you don't complete the payment or something you just won't be able to access apple id and use all the functionality you can download apps and all of that so that's that but that's like quite exciting this new feature so definitely it will be interesting to see how it works it will be available only in the united states at the moment it's available after ios 16 so i don't know when that will be released and yeah of course all these apps like a form or like klarna they are maybe in the trouble right now but let's see let's see if that will work out

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