Apple stops signing iOS 15.1.1

hello so i'm just going through the news here that apple stopped signing ios 15 1.1 leaving people stuck with ios 15.2 or later so basically it means that if you upgrade it to the newest ios you no longer are able to downgrade on ios so that's the the feature of the iphones that you know on android sometimes i think you can just downgrade and have some flexibility if something went wrong here on apple it's quite strict so ios 15.2 is the only version that iphone users can install and yep ios 15.3 is already being tested by developers as well as those who are part of the public beta program so a week after making ios 15.2 available to the world apple has now made a change that ensures that it is the only version of ios available to iphone users moving forward until ios 15.3 is released that is that so basically if you had some like older ios like like ios 13 and you upgraded to ios 15.2 you can't downgrade anywhere or if you have ios 15.1 you upgrade it you can't go back so why is that important because like some people just have older phones like iphone 6 or something and when you upgrade to newer ios some things just might not work and then like you know the phone can become super super slow that's a known feature for apps and for apple and that's just like yeah slows down your phone completely you can't do anything because there is new ios and it requires faster chips and all of that but you have an old phone so and then you can just downgrade so the one exit for you is while to buy a new phone so that's i think the logic here from the apple that like uh overall as an advice you should be careful when you upgrade into a software on older phones because something just might not work or be really buggy and then your only exit from that is just to buy a new apple iphone so that's that just an update for you if you have similar issues just leave some comments in the button

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