welcome to mr hacker youtube channel in this video we will do a quick overview of apps like noted widget so this is the viral app not the drawing widget this one which actually uh went in the top charts as you can see here in the category uh so there you have it and this is the app but the downside of it is it doesn't work on android and you can submit photos here so what are the alternatives it's like if you want to submit photos there is an app which is called lock it widget it's also available on the on the iphone and here you can submit not just notice but photos but no not notes uh but it also doesn't work on android there is another app which is called whiteboard widget messaging where basically you can send notes and draw notes and send it to uh to your friends so this is a really nice app as well but i don't know i think it's also not working on android so the the best alternative i would suggest is the app which is called widget share so this app is finally available also on android and iphone here you can uh also send photos like that you can send notes they added this functionality recently so it's kind of a combination of noted app and locket widget you can add widgets and of course the coolest part is that your friends on android can use it and then you can just send these updates between android phones and iphones and you can add unlimited number of widgets you can have specific widgets for your friends and for different friends and some different pictures for different friends so that's i would say the the best like app like noted uh which also available on android so that's i would really recommend this one and then there are a bunch of apps uh like big share or something um so i think you can search for big share app uh something like that but that's only on android it's not on iphone where you can share peaks uh either this one or next one i don't know just search for something like that and then here you can just send no not this one so basically you can send uh yeah pictures and probably notes on android phones but you can as well just use widget share app on on android so these are the top apps like noted um hope you enjoyed this quick or you hope it saved you a few some time of you doing research i did a lot of videos about this widget apps recently that i've gone really well so i'm just have some insights hope hope you enjoyed this

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