AR Art Projector - Da Vinci eye - what is it?

Here's an interesting app called AR Art Projector DaVinci AI, AR drawing and painting tool. So, this app is available on iPhone 8 or later, and it's really amazing. There are a bunch of these drawing apps using AR technology, which are really amazing. I didn't know that this kind of apps exist, but they're going viral.

With the AR Art Projector DaVinci AI app, you can create really cool artwork from your own photos, make hyper-realistic drawings with our strobe feature, record time-lapse videos of your drawings, separate images into layers by color values, then view those areas on your canvas, and easily learn the fundamentals of drawing.

To give it a try, simply open the app and grant access to your camera and photos. You can then get started with creating, learning, inspiring, and sharing. There's also a pro version with a seven-day free trial and a cost of $20 per year, making it quite affordable.

When you open the app, you'll find options to tap and learn, see projects, browse the feed, and tap to draw. The AR mode allows you to use augmented reality to anchor your reference image size and position to an object in the real world. It provides an easy setup and superimposed digital drawing experience.

Using the app is straightforward. You position an image on a piece of paper and start drawing, following the steps provided. The app also offers instructional videos for both beginners and more advanced users. Starting with simple black and white pencil drawings would be recommended for those new to drawing.

It's important to note that some of the drawings showcased in the app can be quite complicated, requiring a high level of skill and experience. However, these examples give you an idea of the app's capabilities. If you're interested, you can create an account and sign up with Apple. Additionally, the app provides frequently asked questions for further support.

The AR Art Projector DaVinci AI app offers an innovative and accessible way to explore the world of digital drawing and painting using augmented reality. Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply looking for a creative outlet, this app is worth checking out.

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