Are Crush Alerts completely secret/anonymous in Gas app?

so our Crush alerts completely secret in the Gaza apps this is a bit of a question so if you have a god mode yourself you can get notified when someone asks themselves to your pulse but does the person who sent this uh who put their names in your poll and span 300 coins like on the other end does this person remain secret so it says your name reminds secret but if I have a god mode so can I reveal you or not um I don't know hopefully it says like in the god mode that you will see the person who adds themselves in your pulse but if that person also has a god mode so if two people had a god mode the does it still remain anonymous or not so I have no idea actually I just know for sure that if two people has a god mode and like one person answers the poll in the god mode the other person even he or she has a God Mode still can't see that they will just see a ghost icon so that's that I'm not sure if that works for a crush alerts as well

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