Are drawing features coming to Locket Widget?

so is drawing feature coming to lockage widget here are some reviews from the app store good app four stars but i wish it had the drawing feature it says hi such a great idea we are working on updates to the app now and should have new features like this in the near future so this review was just on the recent tuesday so might be finally there are some drawing features coming to locate widget app um so a lot of people asking that it's not the most requested feature but uh yes this is what people would like to see uh but not sure it will come soon maybe it is a priority maybe not um but yes so far locket widget is very focused just on the pictures maybe there will be some feature to you know to add like some text mode or some sms mode um something yeah i mean not a small just like some also some stickers some emojis something around that uh but i'm not sure what is the the priority because there are so many feature requests there is also some bug these uh people can't really sign up the verification text is not arriving so yeah but if you want to use drawing features there is another app called noted uh just like note like notes it is really focused on the drawing aspect so you can try that there is app called live in live peak you can try that there are a bunch of apps like widget pal so you can try that those kind of apps

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