Are REPLIKA conversations ENCRYPTED?

so the question is are your conversations in replica ai app safe are they encrypted so if you post something like can can it be leaked and yeah so what they say here in their support center that your messages to replica process on the server side which means that your mobile device encrypts them they are sent to our servers where they are created and processed by replicas ai engine a replica cannot employ end-to-end subscription since your plain text measures they have to be available to trend your personal air on the server side securities are top priority so basically yeah what they say is like which means that your mobile device encrypts them um but yeah i don't know exactly what that means that replica cannot employ end-to-end encryption since you're playing text messages have to be available um so i wouldn't say i don't know like i wouldn't say that's like 100 security or 100 safety i think there are some loopholes here so you should definitely if you have some experience just leave the comments below like if you have more technical expertise just leave the comments just interesting to see your view on that hope that is helpful

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