Are there 2 Velomingo apps in Google Play Store?

so if you're searching for valamingo velocity edit maker on Google Play Store it is available there are even like two apps like that so there is for Domingo velocity edit maker from blood free John Studio 50k downloads 5.6 K reviews and then there is velocity edit maker from avcr 366 reviews 50k downloads again let's see on the App Store the the developer is avcr Inc so probably you need to get that one from the avcr but I have no clue why there are like two when I mean velocity edit apps on Google Play Store it's good that it's available there but maybe uh it's just uh there was some like previous version or maybe they updated or maybe there were some issues with developer who knows I have no idea if you know what is the correct version just leave it in the comments below but yeah uh there you have it this is just a suggestion uh hope that is helpful

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