Are there additional hints in NGL app?

Are there additional hints in NGL app?

In a recent video transcript, the question of whether there are additional hints in the NGL app was discussed. Unfortunately, it seems that upgrading to NGL Pro, which costs $7 per week, does not necessarily provide users with a substantial number of hints. According to the transcript, users typically receive six to seven hints, with occasional instances of only three hints being available. It should be noted that this information is based on the experiences of the individual in the video.

To get an idea of how these hints may appear, a screenshot was shared in the video transcript. The screenshot showcased various details that can be seen, such as the sender's location, phone information, time of sending, software used, carrier, and the sender's NGL ID. Additionally, the transcript mentioned the presence of friends in the app, although the last one may rarely be visible. It is important to keep in mind that this is just an example of what the hints might look like and may not be representative of every user's experience.

Unfortunately, it seems that even with the upgrade, there are no additional hints or features available. The transcript explicitly states that there is no option to pay more to access more information or to see the exact username of the sender. This contrasts with some other anonymous apps, where it is possible to upgrade and potentially see the exact username of the message sender. In the case of the NGL app, this functionality does not seem to be supported.

The lack of additional hints or the ability to reveal the exact username of the sender may be seen as a deliberate design choice by the developers of the NGL app. As mentioned in the video transcript, this approach creates a challenge for users and encourages them to become more like detectives in order to determine who sent them a particular message. While this may frustrate some users who prefer a more straightforward experience, it can also add an element of intrigue and mystery to the app.

Overall, it appears that the NGL app provides a limited number of hints even with an upgrade to NGL Pro. The inability to pay more for additional features or to see the exact username of the sender sets it apart from other apps that offer more revealing options. Whether these limitations are viewed as a drawback or an interesting twist will depend on the preferences and motivations of each individual user.

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