Are there bot generated Voice messages in NGL app?

NGL App and Bot Generated Voice Messages

Recently, there have been rumors circulating about the presence of bot-generated voice messages on the NGL app. As a popular communication tool, NGL has made waves with its innovative features, which include group chats, text messaging, and now, voice messaging. However, the appearance of bot-generated messages has raised concerns about the app's overall security.

For those who are unfamiliar, NGL is a messaging app that allows users to send text messages, voice messages, and even make video calls. Unfortunately, the rise of bot-generated voice messages has caused many users to question the safety and validity of the app.

So, the question remains – are there bot-generated voice messages on the NGL app? According to a video transcript released by a tech journalist, the answer is yes. The transcript reveals that the app does in fact contain bot-generated voice messages, which are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from human-generated messages due to advances in AI technology.

The journalist notes that while bot-generated text messages were already present on the app, the rise of bot-generated voice messages takes this to another level. Interestingly, the bot-generated voice messages include random questions such as "What's your favorite part of your body?" This has left many NGL users confused and apprehensive.

One way to tell if a message is bot-generated is by looking at the bottom of the message. If it was a bot message, it should end with "send peace love from team NGL." Additionally, if the message is bot-generated, users won't see the big red button that reveals who sent the message. It's clear that NGL is trying to keep users from knowing that they're receiving messages from bots, which is somewhat concerning.

In conclusion, the NGL app does contain bot-generated voice messages. With AI technology becoming more and more advanced, it may be difficult to tell which messages are human-generated and which aren't. As a messaging app user, it's always important to be cautious about the messages you receive, especially if they're from unknown senders or seem suspicious.

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