Are there BOTS in GAS app?

here is God's app and the top question about it other bots in gas app so this app is going viral it's in top charts right now 160 000 ratings uh three pretty wild but if you go to their website and read FAQ sections they really officially climbs they don't don't use bot account they don't use Frank messages but of course you should take these statements with a grain of salt because other similar apps all these teen anonymous apps like NGL not gonna lie or send it uh they also in the beginning they didn't tell anything on their website but they also didn't disclose that they had a lot of Bot messages and Fake Messages fake accounts and stuff like that uh just to boost gross because for example in this app if you're voting in polls and then nobody picks you and you don't get any uh replies in your inbox you don't get any flames in your inbox then uh yeah you're gonna be disappointed and you're just gonna leave the app but of course the app can just send you some bot replies and then maybe you can even upgrade to see that the bot actually picked you or something like that but so far this app clearly writes on their website they they don't use that other apps in Anonymous space use that like NGL apps they specifically have this message for some of the messages says that this bot created by bought or sent by team and GL is like a fake message but in the beginning you couldn't have seen it it only appeared after app was there for a while so as I understand now this app is not using bot messages uh but yeah that's what it is right now I don't know how it will change in future or what uh will it be um if you have any other comments leave it below

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